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Enterprise Pricing

An array of affordable pricing plans for large companies across all industries.

Microsoft’s “Plan-based” pricing is an attractive option for companies that value flexibility and scaling up at their own pace.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing of Enterprise Edition Apps

Apps can be purchased separately, which gives companies the flexibility to mix and match. Pricing is per user, per month for each application (purchased separately, not part of a “Plan”):

Sales - $95 Operations - $190 Field Service - $95
Customer Service - $95 Project Service Automation - $95 Power Apps - $40
Team Members - $10
(*Not an app, but rather a user license for read-only rights
to all Apps)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing for Enterprise Edition Plan

Microsoft has created “Plan-based” pricing that comes in two forms:

Plan 1 -
$115 per user, per month
Includes all the Apps shown above except for Operations
Plan 2 -
$210 per user, per month
Includes all the Apps shown above; requires at least 20 seats of Operations

*Plan 2 is priced at a large discount when compared with purchasing Apps individually.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tiered Pricing for Plan 1

There is no minimum seat count for Enterprise Edition (except for Plan 2, Operations, minimum 20 seats). In other words, companies can purchase Plan 1 with as few as one user per month:

1-99 Seats
= $115/user/mo.
100-249 Seats
= $90/user/mo.
250-499 Seats
= $80/user/mo.
500-999 Seats
= $70/user/mo.
1,000 Seats
= $60/user/mo.

*Plan 1 tiered pricing decreases per user, per month as the number of seats increases; pricing subject to change.

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Enterprise Pricing for Non-Profit Organizations

Qualifying non-profit organizations enjoy reduced per user, per month pricing on Enterprise Edition plans and selected Apps.

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Pricing Disclaimer

All prices on this website are subject to change at Microsoft’s behest, without notice. Please click below for more information.

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