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What you should know about
Microsoft Dynamics

The purpose of this section of our site is to teach you what we believe are the most important things you need to know about Microsoft Dynamics. With the launch of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in November of 2016, you may be a bit confused between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Don’t get too confused with the new names, essentially it is a rebranding of the product where Microsoft decided to follow the Office 365 naming convention and also combine their CRM and ERP products under a common name, i.e., Microsoft Dynamics 365. We offer 101 pages for the new (Dynamics 365) and the old (Dynamics CRM) as there are still a lot of you out there looking for the older version. The good news is that we offer both. More importantly, we believe your first step to selecting either is to educate yourself. Click either link below to begin the process