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xRM can monitor your software systems 24/7 so they’re optimized and available at all times.

Remote monitoring from technicians who know what to look for

Proactive monitoring is the backbone of an effective managed services program. That’s because your teams absolutely need reliable software applications to do their jobs, and that’s all but guaranteed when xRM’s technicians are on the beat. They’ll keep an eye on your desktop, server, and mobile device apps to make sure they’re accessible 24/7/365.

Monitoring means businesses have legitimate hi-tech experts supervising their IT infrastructure, essentially providing a service that enhances employee productivity and reduces how much time companies spend on software updates, upgrades, and repairs. Ultimately, this can have a direct effect on boosting your bottom line and providing peace of mind.

xRM offers a comprehensive Monitoring service that is proactive, affordable, and delivers the following benefits:

  • Software optimization - automated installation of your applications’ critical patches, updates, and upgrades
  • Reduced downtime - issues are thwarted before they can occur; new devices are remotely configured
  • Enhanced Security - robust anti-malware tools are part of any xRM monitoring and maintenance service
  • Predictable costs - a fixed monthly fee covers everything and includes no billing add-ons or surprises
  • Streamlined support - when issues do arise, our technicians access users’ machines remotely and immediately

Want to know more about how -- and why -- we monitor clients’ computers, networks, and systems?

Let an xRM engineer have a look at your current IT infrastructure so you can see for yourself.

Cost Optimization

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Outsourced IT

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Cloud Assessment & Planning

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