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Cost Optimization

An effective IT Cost Optimization (ITCO) program is critical for meeting technology requirements while maintaining positive ROI.

Comprehensive appraisal of your IT infrastructure

Does your company have the time and resources to implement a process that’s focused on reducing IT spending and increasing value? If not, you may want to consider partnering with xRM. Our ITCO advisors will ensure you develop a company-wide plan to lower technology costs and maximize your return on investment.

Companies of all sizes employ xRM for their ITCO because it’s like having a full-time CIO on board -- one whose sole purpose is to optimize their IT resources and ensure they enhance operations rather than disrupt them. Best of all, business owners gain an in-depth understanding of the costs and benefits of their business technology.

xRM’s IT Cost Optimization service provides businesses with the following:

  • Precise utilization of budgets and existing infrastructures
  • Detailed strategies to prioritize IT resources for business use
  • Standardized and simplified purchasing and deployment processes
  • Recommendations for organized and sustainable growth
  • Best pricing and terms for all business purchases

Want to know more about how an IT Cost Optimization program can improve your
bottom line?

Let an xRM engineer evaluate your IT lifecycle strengths and weaknesses.


Cutting-edge assessment tools and industry-leading detection schemes to keep businesses’ data protected.

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Outsourced IT

Trained, certified, experienced experts managing your technology, so you can concentrate on what you’re good at.

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Cloud Assessment & Planning

Migrating your systems to the cloud requires careful planning to ensure your business stays productive and compliant during the transition.

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Cloud Migration / Deployments

Cloud migrations are complex tasks for most companies, until they partner with an xRM cloud-migration specialist.

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