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Licensing Models

xRM provides clients with the opportunity to choose which CRM model is best for their business.

We continue to offer three different licensing models which provides our customers with total flexibility

All licensing costs are included in the monthly recurring cost.

You provide us with all the necessary licenses. This is the preferred enterprise model where your company is looking for a cloud deployment, has acquired perpetual licenses in the past via your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, and does not want to move over to the new Microsoft licensing model or the latest version. We can help.

Our hybrid option allows us to combine elements of both the SaaS and Host Only models to meet your precise needs.

For example, if you are on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Legacy Version (2016 / 2015 / 2013 / 2011) with on-premises/perpetual licenses and everything installed on-premises -- but you are now looking for a cloud model without having to upgrade your version -- we can help.

Or, if your business has expanded and you need additional licenses which you can no longer purchase through Microsoft, we can help. Not only can we use your existing CRM licenses within our cloud-hosted model (with much lower costs because you already have the licenses), but we can also leverage our SaaS model to activate additional users (with a per-user licensing cost based on only those additional users).


For more information on how to optimize your Dynamics Licensing, give us a call. Or, submit our simple form to arrange an in-depth consultation.

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