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xSign DocuSign® Integration for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 2011

xSign DocuSign Integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

xSign DocuSign Integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes it easier than ever to send, track, and store contracts.

Getting paid requires getting estimates, contracts, and other important documentation delivered and signed. To create the best document storage and delivery solution on the market, we created xSign. xSign is a plugin for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 2011 that integrates DocuSign® and Microsoft SharePoint® into a single cohesive system for storing, accessing, and delivering documents all from within CRM 2011.

xSign Benefits

  • xSign saves you time - Configure your DocuSign documents and envelopes from within CRM 2011, using data in your CRM database. With xSign, there is no more switching screens between programs or manually syncing databases.
  • xSign helps you close deals more quickly - xSign increases the efficiency of each step of the contract process, allowing you to get to work more quickly and be paid faster.
  • xSign eliminates uncertainty - There is no more “lost in the mail.” xSign tracks and records every step of the document delivery and signature process in CRM 2011.

xSign Features

  • xSign allows you to configure many aspects of the solution directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM, giving you full control over the signing process, including:
    • Choosing which documents to include in DocuSign envelopes
    • Determining the content of DocuSign documents
    • Picking the Entities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM that house completed documents via SharePoint integration
    • Assigning recipients and their roles in the signing process
    • Designating signature locations
  • Create your own Microsoft Dynamics CRM entities to initiate document generation and DocuSign functionality.
  • Automatically access document templates stored in SharePoint—such as master service agreements, statements of work, nondisclosure agreements, and other contracts—and send them through DocuSign directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Populate fields in document templates with data stored in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM database.
  • Store signed and unsigned contracts and other documents automatically in the appropriate SharePoint locations.
  • Track every step of the signature gathering process in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
xSign DocuSign Integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

xSign integrates your DocuSign account, SharePoint, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM database into one seamless system.

xSign Requirements

  • Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 2011: on-premises or partner-hosted deployment
  • Microsoft SharePoint® 2010
  • Microsoft Office® Word 2010
  • DocuSign® Enterprise account

Download the xSign DocuSign Integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Product Sheet (PDF)

DocuSign, SharePoint, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM now work together.

xSign DocuSign Integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011