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The CRM Success Portal offered me a quick way to learn customizations for our company's CRM system. The step-by-step video guides and phone customer support were essential in getting our needs met quickly and easily. Thanks!

Becky M. - Elite Healthcare Partners

As my company looked to adopt Microsoft Dynamics CRM, xRM was an ideal partner to help facilitate this transition. Their CRM portal was a useful tool that we leaned upon heavily, and my contact, Lina Kreter, was constantly available to answer even my most basic questions. I cannot imagine integrating Dynamics into our business without the support I received from Lina along the way. Even after we had purchased our licenses and completed the sale and setup, Lina and xRM continued to be a helpful resource and the first place where we would turn for any additional training.

Preston Puckett - Green Peak Partners

My entire experience with XRM has been nothing short of spectacular. Their helpful and friendly staff set the benchmark for customer service.

Michael Topper - Pacific Funding Mortgage Division

Our vision and use for Microsoft CRM changed drastically after [xRM] showed us the powerful development capabilities of the platform.

Pete Kovacs - Showtime Networks Inc.

I sensed a genuine desire to help us even though we were a micro business!

Gerrit Cloete - Productivity Pit Stop