xRM.com is awesome! I am constantly asking for quick changes and they deliver—very responsive and timely.

Alice Yee Mark - University of Southern California

I have been working with the XRM team for over 5 years and have been very impressed with the depth of the team’s knowledge. They are always able to provide guidance and solutions to our problems, I would highly recommend them to anyone using or contemplating MS CRM, you will not find a better resource!

John Fleming - Derivative Path

CRM is really helping keep our team organized and collaborating effectively. We have definitely taken advantage of the ability to customize it, and having such a useful data tool has proved essential to our organization.

Karli Barich - Foreign Language for Youth

Eduardo and Josue are incredibly responsive, thorough, helpful people. I have never experienced service like theirs. Having been responsible for customer satisfaction myself in my last job, I know how rare such individuals are to find. Whatever you’re paying them, it’s not enough.

Sian Margaret Seitz, PMP - Bellwether Training, LLC - CRESTCOM International

Our experience with [xRM] has been excellent. The Success Portal videos are terrific. We had started learning Microsoft Dynamics through the internal materials. It was VERY painful. The Success Portal can cover a topic in 4 minutes that might take hours of searching within the CRM help library.

Toni G. - N/A